Spool Converter Pro      Success Story       Acum (Israel)

                 ACUM is a non-profit corporation administering the rights assigned to it by its members – authors, composers, lyricists, poets, arrangers
                 and music publishers.
                 The rights administered by ACUM include performing rights, mechanical rights (audio and audio-visual reproductions), reprint rights.
                 By its reciprocal representation agreements ACUM also administers these rights- fully or partly on behalf of hundreds of thousands members
                 of 107 affiliated Societies from all over the world.
                 ACUM, established in 1936 by a small group of leading authors and composers, has now a membership of ca. 6000 creators and publishers.

                 In order to facilitate distributions of royalties data and reports to sister societies and to ACUM's members and also to reduce paper usage
                 (in the order of 10,000 pages of royalties reports every Quarter) a special Integration System was put in place and a process of pulling
                 iSeries reports, converting them to PDF and e-mail/FTP and notifying the relevant addressees was developed on that System.

                 However, converting Spool files to PDF documents proved to be more difficult then anticipated, Hebrew Spool files especially – the Integration
                 System manufacturer tried his best but could not do it. Performance bottle necks with Wintel based PDF utilities were also encountered.
                 This is what sent ACUM searching for an iSeries PDF tool and eventually they found Spool Converter Pro from SPLFACTORY.                 

            "SpoolFactory's spool to PDF utility is a native iSeries tool that easily converts spool files to PDF documents that are placed in the IFS.
             It also had a basic support for Hebrew."

                 In words of Mr Gad Miron, responsible of Acum developing team, about SpoolFactory team collaboration:                 

            “Most important, they (SpoolFactory) were willing to participate in a long continuous process comprising of them amending
             and debugging and sending us the fixes, and us testing & sending them the results for re-amending.

             At the end of this long process we now have a working robust Tool for converting spool files to PDF (with Hebrew support as well).
             The tool also allows a user program to be called in order to perform additional tasks and it helped us a lot.

             Using other tools of SpoolFactory we were able to seamlessly integrate PDF documents creation into our native iSeries applications
             with no user intervention required.”

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