Spool Converter Pro      Success Story       Egged (Israel)


                 The Egged Cooperative, is the largest transportation operator in Israel, was established in 1933 when four public transportation companies
                 were merged into one.

                 Egged operates 55% of the country’s public transportation service lines.
                 The service lines are divided into three operating areas – Northern, Southern and Jerusalem.
                 Egged operates more than 3,000 busses (58 of them are bulletproof) and 25 minibuses. 960,000 passengers and 720,000 km travelled daily
                 in the three operating areas.

             "Due the high requirements of the users to produce professional looking documents, we have evaluated several solutions and finally
              have chosen Spool Converter Pro of SpoolFactory, which allow us to create PDF documents from our native IBM i applications.
              These documents are arriving to the users in internal emails or displays directly to the PC terminals in an automated way without
              any human interventions."