Spool Converter Pro      Success Story         JVC U.S.A.

                 JVC U.S.A. is a division of JVC Americas Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan, Limited.
                 JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated audio and video products that use superior technologies to deliver high quality
                 sound and images.

                 In addition to consumer products, JVC offers professional electronics products and distributes a complete line of broadcast, professional and
                 presentation equipment.
                 These include cameras, professional camcorders, DVD recorders, VTRs, high definition monitors, editing equipment, video/data projectors,
                 video data recorders, storage systems and video security products.

                 For 80 years the JVC brand name has been associated with the very best in audio and video entertainment, and has also been a strong
                 supporter of the creative side of the entertainment world.

                 In order to improve the report processing in their Service and Engineering Division, the IT team looked for a tool to help the users to manage
                 their iSeries/AS400 reports, in the most common electronic formats and without requiring the intervention of IT department.                 

            "SpoolFactory has allowed us to offer to our users a tool to manage the distribution of reports without having any dependency from IT"

                 In the words of Mr Leo Lobaton, from the IT team, about SpoolFactory implementation:                 

            “SpoolFactory has improved our reporting system allowing our users to do the following:

                 - Retrieve the reports from iSeries/AS400 to the desired format so they can manipulate and print, or email to respective clients
                 - Be independent from the IT team to retrieve and manipulate the reports from the spooler

             The tool made us work effectively, efficiently and created a productive environment”

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